Finding Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers That You Can Count On

Facing criminal charges can be a nightmare. This is particularly true for those who are actually innocent. It may be difficult finding anyone, even an attorney to believe that you are not responsible for the crime that you have been charged with committing. However, James Alston knows that not all who have been charged with criminal activity are guilty. He knows that there are flaws in the system that often cause innocent people to be charged and sometimes even convicted. If you are looking for a criminal attorney in Houston who believes in your innocence, Mr. Alston is ready to take your call.

Mr. Alston has worked on both sides of the criminal spectrum. This gives him the knowledge needed to ensure that all of his clients receive the fairest trial possible. While there are some Houston criminal defense lawyers that will merely do what they have to do in order to complete a case quickly, Mr. Alston will do what he has to do in order to get you your freedom. In other words, Mr. Alston works hard on your defense. He works to ensure that his clients receive the fairest trials possible and retain their freedom. If he cannot get your charges dismissed completely, he will work to get them dropped to a lesser offense.

When you hire a Houston criminal defense lawyer you should get someone who believes in your innocence. Unfortunately many who are charged with criminal activity these days have no idea what there rights are and simply pick the first attorney they find. Many innocent people have gone to prison simply because their attorneys cared more about completing a case than ensuring every avenue of a defense was scrutinized. Mr. Alston is much different. He works to ensure that all of his clients receive every single right that they are entitled to.

Whether you have been charged with a crime or are currently being investigated for criminal activity, James Alston can help. Mr. Alston has a successful track record for handling criminal cases and has the knowledge and the compassion needed to ensure that you get fair treatment. Mr. Alston will work aggressively on your case and seek every possible avenue to obtain a positive outcome. He has successfully represented many clients in the past and is ready to represent you. He handles many cases based on a wide variety of charges. Call Mr. Alston today for a free and confidential consultation.
Houston criminal attorney James Alston at our law firm provides legal representation to those in need of criminal defense in the Houston area. Call today for an initial consultation.